A little over two years ago I went through probably the toughest period anyone goes through at some point in their life.


I had ended a special relationship that had its unique ups and downs for almost five years. Five years is a long time to develop a sense of trust, belonging and comfort with another soul. It was definitely not a small endeavor when I had made the final decision to end things.

The effects of any heartbreak are one that honestly, I believe can change a person. For within it there is a shift in emotional energy…

Check your phone — you have one unread message.

Also two unread emails and three voicemails…

It’s 9am on a Saturday.

Ever wonder when you will have a minute of silence for once.

To be able to catch your breath for a second to process everything.

What you seek my friend, is relaxation, specifically in the form of stillness.

Here is how.

See it is from the mind that the rest of the body can begin to slow down and flow seamlessly.

The common look of a monk meditating is not far off, since the concept is to induce stillness…

You have a second mind.

The subconscious mind.

It is far more stronger & wiser than your more relatable and awareness mind, the conscious mind.

Through the power of the subconscious mind you are able to manifest into reality anything you want.

It is that powerful — yet many people do not know how to utilize such ability.

The knowledge can honestly be found in many ancient texts of religions, philosophic & life work of famous wise men of the ages.

There is truly a higher power at play here.

And this higher power has been called many things —…

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It goes without a doubt that majority of your team has no idea what you were thinking at this moment of time. They probably don’t know what you have been thinking for the past week and still won’t have a clue as to what you are going to be focused on tomorrow or a week from now. Why? Because you have it all locked up in the smart ol’noggin of yours of course. …

Don’t take it personally. Seriously. For the most part majority of people don’t really understand the number of things you are juggling.

It can be easy to feel flustered. Heck even maybe have a nervous breakdown. It effects everyone differently.

Your responsibility delivering a product can mean that you are in conjunction with many other teams. That means you also deal with many other people. And when you are dealing with multiple people that results in even more diverse personalities. The reality is that not everyone is going to collaborate well.

But you’re the product manager right? You’re the bee’s…

Data, data, data is always talked about in every business, yet is handled and analyzed so differently. The way I view or think about data in the past was always monotonous, something that the guy in the dev team would be going crazy for in the corner because he can pivot and merge and extrapolate all sorts of magical stuff.

Scary and often intimidating contents, matter of fact. For that reason, I really found myself being reserved or shy from truly getting to know the capabilities of what it brings to the table. Not even at a micro level but…

Learning is like climbing a mountain. The struggle and pain in taking those initial steps are the most difficult.

As you power through the terrain, you begin to find confidence in your step as you learn the basics.

Then you come to the second level terrain and you realize that it is no longer easy and so learning that terrain becomes your goal. As you keep progressing, you apply what you have learned to the next obstacle, until finally you hit the peak.

At the peak of the mountain you bask in your glory of conquering what seemed to be…

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and as result completely lost in your day, I personally experience this maybe a little bit too often.

Photo credit: alex mertzanis via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

With all the noise of work, notifications and social distractions how one finds that refocus can be the difference between a productive day or an entire disgruntled week.

Here is a quick solution that I thought I’d share, that I have seen both success with myself and others;

Prioritize time to think about important issues to you. Whether that be in the form of meditating, exercising, writing or talking to someone close, giving your mind the permission…

Jessep: You want answers?
Kaffee (Tom Cruise): I think I’m entitled to them.
Jessep: You want answers?
Kaffee: I want the truth!
Jessep: You can’t handle the truth!

If you’re like me you would have probably used this phrase as a means to convey a joke or emphasize a lofty statement. But the latter often would deter people from willingly accepting the reality that faces them. …

Qasim Aaron

Scrum Master, Product Focused, Thinks Digital — Bringing the Best Out of People.

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